Stroco was founded back in 1972 by Jørgen Strøier from Hammel, in cooperation with Holger Pedersen – “HP Oliefyr” in Varde. They started the production of heaters for trains, buses and trucks.

This cooperation developed positively over the years and Stroco has been the first in the market with new development for heaters for buses.

In 1986, HP Oliefyr changed its name to JP Maskinfabrik A/S, after Holger Petersen’s son Jørn Petersen took over HP Oliefyr. JP Maskinfabrik A/S still produces heaters for Stroco.

In 2002, Søren Strøier bought Stroco from Jørgen Strøier, the company remained located in Hammel.

The cooperation with producing and developing new Stroco heaters continued with, among other things the development of hybrid heaters. All these heaters runs on regular diesel, biodiesel, HVO, ethanol as well as RME.

Most recently, a pure electric heater has been developed that can be used in, among other things, electric buses. This means that i.a. electric buses can now run completely fossil-free.

The thoroughly tested Stroco heater is known for its long life, high utilization rate of fuel, as well as minimal maintenance.

From April 2021, JP Maskinfabrik A/S has taken over and bought Stroco and moves all activities to Varde. This means that the name Strøier is now out of Stroco.


On a continued basis to further develop our high quality heaters and to ensure that our customers receive the best possible product at all times.

Our continued efforts aim at keeping our leading position in the market place with regard to the development of heaters for alternative fuel types.

Further we want to be sure to deliver heaters with the absolutely highest coefficient of utilization for our customers no matter what type of fuel is used.

We wish to keep ready an active service network in Denmark and Europe to secure our customers the best of service on our products.

We further aim to maintain the strategy to make sure that our service stocks are able to deliver spare parts to customers on a day to day basis.


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