Stroco ApS is a 100% Danish owned company that produces 100% Danish heaters for buses, trucks, trains and boats.

We have been doing this for almost 50 years.

Today, Stroco deliver to the most of the world. Stroco heaters comes in different types, ranging from the traditional diesel heater, that also runs on HVO, biodiesel, ethanol and as well as RME.

Stroco was the first in the market to produce a combined fuel-burning heater / electrically charged boiler. Just like a specially developed heater for electric- and hybrid buses. These heaters, like all other Stroco heaters, can use alternative fuel like HVO, biodiesel, ethanol as well as RME.

Stroco heaters are known for its high efficiency, high utilization rate of fuel, and minimal maintenance.

Stroco was also the first to produce a pure electric heater for heating of electric buses, among other things. “The greenest” heater on the market. If you use this heater, you have fossil-free heat in the bus.

Stroco also supplies heaters for trucks. This is i.a. for animal transport, asphalt- and sweeping machines.

Stroco leads a:

  • Highly skilled and efficient staff that may stand by with a helping hand whenever questions arise.
  • Complete spare parts stock with day-to-day deliveries covering all product types.

If you have special wishes, contact us. We will also find a solution for you.

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