Stroco’s boilers are technically 100% Danish based.

The boilers are well known for the high coefficient of utilization and the high utilization ratio of fuel combined with a minimum of service.
Stroco’s boilers use diesel, HVO, bio diesel, ethanol as well as RME diesel.

Stroco leads a highly skilled and efficient staff that may stand by with a helping hand whenever questions arise.

Stroco is the only supplyer in the market that supplies a complete electrically charged boiler.

Further Stroco is the only supplier in the marketplace supplying a combined oil fired / electrically charged boiler. This particular boiler may choose between – as is the case with all Stroco boilers – various types of fuel – such as bio fuel, ordinary fuel, ethanol as well as RME.
Read more about this boiler under: boilers/el-charged.

Special customer requirements and requests may well be accepted.

  • Stroco oil burner
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