Stroco fuel-burning heater are solely Danish manufactured in accordance with the highest sets of Standards and quality demands.

The distinctive mark of a STROCO high pressure fuel-burning heater is the highly efficient coefficient of utilization ratio of fuel based on our patented boiler construction.

The patented heater is also renowned for its long life.

STROCO heaters
are supplied in a variety of variations to cover a wide field of applications.

STROCO heaters
are approved for diesel fuel, bio diesel, ethanol as well as RME fuel.

STROCO is the only supplier in the market for an electrially fired heater.

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All spare parts are on stock in Hammel and may be supplied on a day-to-day basis. Detailed service and instruction manuals are listed under the above menu “Manuals”.

Heating effect: 30 kW Length: 570 mm
Efficiency: Approx.. 87% Width: 245 mm
Central heating pump: 6000 l/hour at 0,4 bar Height: 234 mm
Fuel consumption: 2,66 kg/hour Weight: 37 kg incl. water pump
Operating voltage: 12/24V

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