STROCO Pure Electric heater is the first Stroco fossil-free heater on the marked.

STROCO Electric heater is used to heat the vehicle during parking and day to day travel on hybrid or all-electric vehicle. STROCO Electric heater is mounted in the vehicle’s existing heating system and can heat the driver’s area, passenger space and engine. STROCO Electric heater has built-in heating elements operating thermostat and safety thermostat. The type designation 7,5 – 60 kW indicates the power size of the heating elements in kW.

The electric connection to the electrical elements is made via HVDC contactor (not supplied by Stroco) to the heating elements. The HVDC contactor is controlled via the electrical mecanical contactor inside the connection box which receives an active 24V DC signal from the vehicle’s heat control system to pull the HVDC contactor. When the temperature is reached, the mechanical contactor breaks the 24 voltage to the HVDC contactor. For circulation of the water, the 24V DC water pump is located on the heater and needs a 10 Amp secured cable connected to the heating control system.

Heating output EL: 7,5 - 15- 22,5 - 30 - 45 - 60 kW
Electrical connection: Terminal block via cabel gland
Operating thermostat: Adjustable 37-85°C
Safety thermostat: 110°C reconnected by push botton
Bruschless water pump: 6000 l/hour at 0,4 bar
Operating voltage: 24V DC
Choosable Operating voltage: 400, 620, 672 & 727V DC
Regulation: Mecanical thermostat with capillary sensor
Length: 421 mm
Width: 365 mm incl. water pump
Height: 234 mm
Weight: 18,3 - 28,6 kg incl. water pump
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