Stroco 35.02 M – LE Hybrid heater is the first eco-friendly combination heater for buses. The heater is custom designed for electrical and hybrid buses. The heater consists of  a combustion and an electrical unit ensures an overall saving of energy of approx. 10 %.

Stroco 35.02 M – LE Hybrid Heater is an effective heater with a stainless steel combustion chamber and automatic fan motor regulation. The heater is made from 100 % licensed components. The brushless water pump is mounted directly on the boiler, entailing that the installation only requires 2 water connections.

The heater is fitted with a complete electronic security system such as flame supervision by means of a photoelectric sensor and over-temperature safeguard, which re-establishes the contact through applying light pressure. Stroco 35.02 M is approved for combustion of diesel/HVO, bio-diesel, ethanol and RME.

The Electric unit is delivered in DC or combination with 1 or 2 heating elements.

TECHNICAL DATA: 35.02 M - LE Hybrid heater
Heating effect fuel: 30 kW Operating voltage; electricity: 400, 620, 672 & 727V DC
Heating effect; electricity: 7,5 - 15 - 22,5 kW Regulation: Mecanical thermostat with capillary sensor
Efficiency: Approx. 87% Length: 613 mm
Bruschless water pump: 6000 l/hour at 0,4 bar Width: 245 mm
Fuel consumption: 2,66 kg/hour Height: 234 mm
Operating voltage: 24V DC Weight: 39 kg incl. water pump

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